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  Spokane International Airport Volunteers Program

In 2012, over 3,000,000 travelers from all over the globe passed through our airport. As a volunteer you will help the airport create a first and lasting positive impression of our community and region and re-emphasize our helpful and friendly culture to our visitors as you assist them with questions and directions.

Do you have the "Right Stuff?"

Here's a "pre-flight" checklist to see if you are a good match for our program:

If you enjoy....

  • Meeting people from different countries and cultures
  • Sharing your expertise and providing information about the Spokane area and region
  • Being part of a well trained team
  • Serving as a goodwill ambassador for our community
  • Working in a dynamic, exhilarating airport environment, and
  • Expanding your own knowledge about the area you live in

Then you have the "stuff" we are looking for in a volunteer. While knowledge of a foreign language, airline procedures and/or airport operations is helpful, it is not at all necessary or a requirement. If you are selected, you will initially attend a comprehensive, in-house training program where you will learn about Spokane International Airport's operations and program procedures. Upon completion of training, you will be outfitted with identifying credentials and asked to serve one four-hour shift each week on weekdays or weekends. Once on the job, you will greet arriving or departing airport visitors, answering questions and assisting them in their journey through the airport.

We hope you plan to join us.

The only prerequisite is that you are as excited about the opportunity to volunteer as we are to welcome you on board.

For additional information, on how to volunteer, call Todd Woodard, Director, Marketing/Public Relations, Spokane International Airport, 509-455-6470 or

Email >>todd.woodard@spokaneairports.net

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